Sunday, December 09, 2012


Cuando ya no podemos caminar en los campos de la Naturaleza, lo hacemos en los del pensamiento y la literatura. Los mayores se convierten en lectores. Nuestras cabezas retienen su fuerza cuando nuestras piernas se debilitan.


Diario, posterior al 10 de Enero de 1851

January 10, 1851

The chivalric and heroic spirit, which once belonged to the chevalier or rider only, seems now to reside in the walker. To represent the chivalric spirit we have no longer a knight, but a walker, errant. I speak not of pedestrianism, or of walking a thousand miles in a thousand successive hours. The Adam who daily takes a turn in his garden. Methinks I would not accept of the gift of life, if I were required to spend as large a portion of it sitting foot up or with my legs crossed, as the shoemakers and tailors do. As well be tied neck and heels together and cast into the sea. Making acquaintance with my extremities. 

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