Friday, July 22, 2016


El tiempo pronto destruirá las obras de famosos pintores y escultores, pero las puntas de flecha India cesarán sus esfuerzos  y la Eternidad tendrá que venir en su ayuda. Ellas no son huesos fósiles, sino algo como pensamientos fósiles, recordándome para siempre la mente que les dio forma. Yo sabría gustosamente que estoy recorriendo las sendas del juego humano-que estoy en el sendero de la mente- y estos pequeños recordatorios nunca fallan  en disponerme adecuadamente.

Diario 28 de marzo de 1859

When I see these signs I know that the subtle spirits that made them are not far off, into whatever form transmuted. What if you do plow and hoe amid them, and swear that not one stone shall be left upon another? They are only the less like to break in that case. When you turn up one layer you bury another so much the more securely. They are at peace with rust. This arrow-headed character promises to outlast all others. The larger pestles and axes may, perchance, grow scarce and be broken, but the arrowhead shall, perhaps, never cease to wing its way through the ages to eternity. It was originally winged for but a short flight, but it still, to my mind’s eye, wings its way through the ages, bearing a message from the hand that shot it. Myriads of arrow-points lie sleeping in the skin of the revolving earth, while meteors revolve in space. The footprint, the mind-print of the oldest men.

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