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Algunas instituciones-la mayoría de las instituciones, de hecho, han tenido un origen divino. Pero de la mayoría de las que vemos que prevalecen en nuestra sociedad nada queda sino la forma, la cáscara-la vida está extinguida- y no hay nada divino en ellas.


Diario 19 de Agosto de 1851

Event on May 11, 1962-on the hundredth anniversary. This remembrance event was held in the sylvan glade at Dumbarton Oaks Park. It was cosponsored by Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall, and The Wilderness Society represented by Howard C. Zahniser. The idea for the ceremony came from William Morris Meredith, Jr., who later became United States Poet Laureate.

Walter Harding, the Thoreau Society's Executive Director, was asked for a list of Thoreau Society members who should be invited. 

 According to Marjorie Harding, everyone on the list was invited,but alas, the list maker himself was omitted, and he missed theoccasion. However, my mother, Ruth Wheeler, got her invitation and sent it on to me, since I was at the time working for the Peace Corps in Washington.

The attached picture that I took (Joseph C. Wheeler) that day shows from left to right Howard C. Zahniser, Secretary of the Interior, Stewart L. Udall, Robert Frost, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice William O.Douglas, and Chief Justice Earl Warren (The Chief Justice was not a speaker; he attended as a "friend" of Justice Douglas).

Joseph C. Wheeler

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