Saturday, April 01, 2017


Campana de la vieja iglesia, OLD MEETING-HOUSE BELL

Amo tu venero musical

Tañe a través del aire

Dulcemente pleno y honesto

Como en los tiempos tempranos

Cuando escuché sus rimas


¡Cuán perfectamente nuevo y fresco es percibido el mundo cuando contemplamos una miríada de reflejos de brillante y blanca luz solar sobre una corriente ondulada! Tan lejana del polvo y del decaimiento, más brillante que el destello de un ojo.

Diario 24 de mayo de 1860 

Hay dos mundos-la oficina postal y la Naturaleza.Yo conozco ambos.

Diario 3 de enero de 1853

The U.S. Postal Service celebrates writer, philosopher, and naturalist Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862) on the bicentennial year of his birth. The stamp art is an oil-on-panel painting of Thoreau’s face based on a famous 1856 daguerreotype by Benjamin Maxham. On the right side of the stamp is Thoreau’s signature of his last name. Below the signature is a branch of sumac leaves.
With Thoreau’s personal example of simple living, his criticism of materialism, and the timeless questions he raises about the place of the individual in society and humanity’s role in the natural world, he continues to inspire new generations to assert their independence, reinterpret his legacy, and ask challenging questions of their own. Sam Weber of Brooklyn, NY, was the stamp artist. Art director Greg Breeding of Charlottesville, VA, designed the stamp.

“Historical portraits are always difficult, as my artistic abilities inevitably fall short in capturing the special quality individuals like this have on our hearts. I’m grateful for this unique opportunity, and I hope that I’ve done the man some justice.”

El anterior sello, de 1967, fue elaborado por Leonard Baskin 

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